Bionic Delay

02 Mar

Today I want to introduce a plugin, that I nearly use in every mixing session. It is the freeware plugin Bionic Delay. Very nice, are the different settings according to the stereo field. The delaytime is switchable between various notelengths, synced to the host. The finetuning takes place with groove wheels for each channel. You can achieve a nice stereo effect, if you dial the wheels against each other. I use short delay times with just a little feedback. Thus you can reach a nice location of the signal and you can still achieve a nice ambient effect, without using reverb, which can potentially make your mixes muddy if used excessively. A popular trick is, to route the delaysignal via send to little bit of reverb. This is often more useful, than sending the whole audio signal through a reverb effect. The delay itself sounds very tapy, for example if you swith the delaytimes and even with the further features like the flutter knob. Other features are a pingpong knob, stereowidth adjustment, low-highcut, smooth and drift controller. This is all for free and is also used by professionals.


Hier der Downloadlink:



Maifeld Derby

14 Apr

Soon, the time is right . The Maifeld Derby Indiefestival in Mannheim will start again at the end of may for the fifth time. I have been there each time and did never regret. A lot of interesting music with new bands and a really relaxed atmosphere. Go there!

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