Markus Lutz

Audio Engineer

Markus started doing music early in his youth. He got a classical education as a church musician and plays several instruments. Later on he got interested into other fields of music and played in a lot of bands with different genres like rock/pop, postpunk, indie and darkwave/neofolk. Markus toured as a live musician with various bands in Spain, France, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Belgium and Germany.  When he was asked to mix a postpunk band, he discovered his passion for mix and mastering. He made an education as an audio and mastering engineer and won the mixcontest of HOFA, a famous studio in Germany. Since some years he runs and operates the luZonic Studio in Mannheim (Germany), where he mixes and masters for artists and companies.

Because of his background as a musician, Markus loves to bring life into music, together with his clients. He understands mixing and mastering as a responsibilty towards the artist´s vision and creation.

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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