Artists (Selection) :



  • TV Smith
  • Matt Howden
  • King Dude
  • Niel Mitra
  • Death in Rome
  • Ontic
  • Polyroid
  • Fungi & Foe
  • The Happy State
  • Huge Antics
  • Reckonhighs
  • Kill Karma
  • Estambre
  • Thomas Konder
  • Ruda
  • Basti Grub
  • Ambiance
  • Andre Garcia
  • Girls of Summer

Labels & Companies (Selection) :

  • Nike
  • Sky TV
  • Burda Media
  • Elsevier Verlag
  • Motormusic
  • Musea Records
  • SPQR
  • Brave Mysteries Records
  • Etor
  • Daddykate
  • Castle Party
  • Caritas

Death in Rome :

“Markus aka LuZonic has mixed and mastered almost all of the tracks of my band DEATH IN ROME. We did 2 CDs, 1 LP and 1 MC together, along with some small and fast releases. He did a fantastic job and with his almost unlimited patience, he played and still plays a big part of creating the sound of our band. A bright future lays before him (and you’ll get great tracks if you book him..)

“Markus mixed and mastered the coverversion of “Just Dropped In” from my band DEATH IN ROME (the song is originally by Kenny Rogers). He already mixed and mastered several songs of my band so he knows exactly what I want and he had a big impact of creating the sound of my band, I can highly recommend him.
you can hear the final version here:

Huge Antics :

“heyho. we recieved great sounding masters from Markus. His sensivity in using the right effects to push a produktion must have a pretty experienced background. the comunication and results coped. highly efficient work. thumps up. you´ll find some of the stuff on

The Happy State :

“Markus provides a great service! He has helped me get the sound I’m looking for. I am very grateful for his patience through the tricky process of mixing in an online environment with only direct messaging for communication. Every stage of the mix has been made without delay. With one track finished, I’m excited about the future for completing a full album with him!”

Fungi & Foe :

“We are Fungi & Foe, a two-piece bass/drum duo from Germany, playing experimental rock music. Early 2018 we recorded our white album. We were looking for a decent sound engineer, who knows how to produce and handle our aggressive and punchy tone. Markus mixed and mastered all seven songs professionally. On top of his engineering skills, he is simply a great guy to cooperate with.
The links to our Facebook and Bandcamp:

Ontic :

Really appreciated Markus’s patient and professional work with my mix. I loved the warmth, roundness and space that he added in the master. He was great to communicate with and I was also grateful that he had an interest in the track and showed an understanding and appreciation for the genre. Recommended.



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